Thursday, May 8, 2014

American Luxe

Hi Guys & Gals! Happy Thursday I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful new day. This week has been such a hectic rush with graduation and my two jobs that I'm ready to get my diploma and focus on my career. So much planning and time management has been infused in my life that I feel like everything goes by so quick. I don't have time to rest or think so I just pop in some tunes and use that as motivation to keep going. Last Night I finally had the chance to watch and listen to Iggy Azalea's "Work" music video and I have to say it was a motivating and empowering song. I thought to myself "Wow I have been working, working, working since I was 16 that I have grown into an intellectual person". This morning I felt so inspired by that video that it gave me the drive to create an ensemble that displays confidence, luxe, and drive wherever you go (For me it's work). Here's the break down of the entire Ensemble:

1 Macy's PRPGNDA tank top
2。H&M Moto Jacket
3。7 For All Mankind Navy Blue Jeans
4。Ross Star printed Bob shoes (pretty much like Toms)
5。Kenneth Cole Black belt
6Macy's Jay Z Duffle bag

Style Tips: These tips are for both genders so ladies don't feel left out.

。 Always have a Jacket in handy! It creates a luxurious, professional look even with a casual t-shirt and it also protects you from the sun.
Always where dark colored jeans or pants. Why? So that you can add a pop colored t-shirt or dress shirt. This will make you stand out amongst everyone else in the office or coffee shop.
Sunglasses are a must! Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the UVB rays that the sun emits. Over time the suns rays can harm your eye area and will also cause aging rapidly. Plus, sunglasses make you look mysterious and sexy.
Own a Duffle bag or a leather backpack. I know some of you guys are saying "that is so feminine" I thought the same way to but when I saw the advantages of owning one I totally changed my mind. The advantages are that you can hold your journals, ipad, pens, folders, and even some cologne for that special date after work. Grasping a Duffle bag also makes you look like a model off the runway and creates a professional clean look. Women have a lot of options for handbags so they can explore more with prints, colors, and different shaped handbags (Henri Bendel is an amazing option for you ladies).

Well that is it for today and I can't wait to share more with all of you tomorrow. Don't forget to support and follow my social media @ Jesus Alessio on facebook, thefashionprince01 on Tumblr, and JesusRegis1 on Twitter. Thanks.



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