Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trompe l' Oeil

Good Morning Guys! Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there you all deserve it for working hard and a special thanks to my mom for always believing in me. So much for posting Saturday's style yesterday. I got to work and tried posting the content as soon as possible but it was just my luck that the internet was down. I'm posting Saturday's style today which makes me a bit behind but o well there is nothing we can do. Saturdays style was an artistic chic look. Many of you may already know that I'm a Designer/ Creative director. My life and time revolves around sketching fashion designs and other types of illustrations whether it be interiors or exteriors (by interiors I mean rooms and exteriors I mean outside areas such as a porch or a park). When I woke up yesterday I decided to draw a bridal collection but before that I wanted to dress like an artist. What do artist's dress like or what do they look for when shopping for clothes? Simple! By simple I mean a simplistic minimal outfit. Nothing fancy or over the top just something comfortable to get in the thinking process. As every designer and artist we do not always look so good behind the scenes when we are working hard (I always look horrible when I'm pulling an all nighter working on a particular project) but as soon as we hit the red carpet we dress in gala and look fancy and luxurious. I decided to call this look Trompe l' oeil because as artists we like to deceive people into making them see something that is supposed to be that particular object but instead is something different. Fashion in general is deceiving because we can be that daredevil off the movie scene and the next day we can be that lazy relaxed person. My looks are deceiving and a lot of people think they know the real me but behind every sweet smile and garment I hide a mysterious, daring, and tranquil side of me. Overall this look reflects the more relaxed and tranquil side of me. The breakdown of this outfit consists of:

。Macy's Apt. 9 Polo
。7 For All Mankind Navy Blue Jeans
。Burlington Carapace Black cardigan
。 Black Shoes for Crews dress shoes
。Kenneth Cole belt
。Nordstrom Glasses
。Blicks Sketchbook

Style Tips:

-Glasses always add personality whether it be a nerdy look or an intellectual look. There is stores that sell non prescribed glasses that you can wear as an accessory. Don't be afraid to show your nerdy side.
-If your looking for something casual and don't want to make the effort in going through your entire closet just choose something neutral like a grey or a navy blue top and just pair it with some jeans and a cardigan. 

That is all for Saturday's style look. If you guys have any questions please feel free to leave a comment. I also would like some feedback about my the posts so far. Are they helping? Are they to Silly? Any input can help me improve. Please don't forget to follow me on my social media outlets @ JesusAlessio on facebook and instagram, thefashionprince01 on tumblr, and JesusRegis01 on twitter.



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